We think we’re pretty rad, but don’t just take our word for it – see what some of our happy students have to say!

“Vanessa is the surf instructor, whether you are a beginner or need some encouragement Vanessa will help you. She is sure to make your day surfing one to remember.”
Malibu, CA
“Vanessa is great! She taught my first surf lesson. She does a great job explaining what your strengths are and what you need to work on. I couldn’t imagine a better first surf instructor!”
Santa Barbara, CA
“Hi Vanessa!! Thank you again SO much for taking me out, I had such a blast on the water!! You are a great teacher and hopefully when you get back in Spring I can catch another lesson with you if my schedule allows!! Enjoy London and I’ll be sure to send my friends your way!”
Santa Barbara, CA
“Vanessa is the best teacher! She makes every lesson so much fun while also helping you catch waves. I highly recommend every person- no matter what age or surf level- to go out and surf with Vanessa! She has taught me so much in only 2 lessons and I can’t wait for another the next one!”
Malibu, CA
“It was such a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to my Sam. She had a great time and so did we. I will text you when we want to meet for our next lesson. Thanks again!”
Santa Barbara, CA
“Hi Vanessa! Just wanted to let you know that Noemi had a blast in her first lesson with you back in June. For being her first time ever on a board, I was surprise how much fun she had. We are in Puerto Rico now and she is taking two weeks of surfing and wants to continue lessons with you when we return to California. I’ll be in touch with you. Cheers!”
Ventura, CA
"After reading great reviews online, my husband and I chose Vanessa's team to take us out for our first time surfing. Vanessa paired us up with Paco at Mondo's Beach in SB. We had an amazing time! Paco is a fantastic instructor. His experience with surfing was evident in his teaching style and we really enjoyed all of his awesome stories. He did a great job of balancing the lesson between two polar opposite students: my husband, an experience skateboarder and snowboarder who got up on his first wave, ready for the next challenge. And then myself, uneasy about even being in the ocean and pretty nervous about falling and god knows what happening to me! But Paco felt at ease existing in both roles as a teacher and it really made the whole experience memorable for the two of us. I gained so much confidence about being in the water and my husband is ready to get back out there. We plan on going with them again for surf lessons again in the future. Thanks Paco and Vanessa!!!"
Melissa A.
Los Angeles, CA
"I had a wonderful surf session with Paco. He scoped out several spots before we got together & did a great job coaching & cheering me on in the lineup. The bonus was all the local knowledge he shared with me, as well as an open invitation to call with questions, etc."
Richard M.
Washington D.C.


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